Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Internship (& Germany), here I come!

June 1st is a big day in the LFM. The class of 2011 will start school and many of us in the class of 2010 start our internship.

There's four of us going to Novartis Vaccines and Diagnostics (and lucky for you, we're all bloggers!), and we all start with "orientation" on Monday. It's actually pretty neat - NVD has monthly operations leadership team meetings and this month it's here in Cambridge. So, they decided to have us participate as part of our first week & orientation. We actually had the opportunity to meet this group of people once before in March, so hopefully that will make it a bit less nerve racking. It's exciting, though, being interns with NVD because it's the first year this divison has participated, so we're getting a chance to help influence the future of their participation - hopefully we don't mess it up! :)

Starting work this time seems a bit different. I did lots of internships in undergrad, but I feel there's more pressure now... they pay a lot of money for us, and we have to write a thesis on the work we do. Now, I've worked hard, but, I'm not sure I've done ANYTHING that I could write about for 50+ pages... oh well, I'm sure it'll come together.

Part of the excitement of my internship is the international aspect. There are 10 of us going to Europe and a few others headed to other parts of the world. It'll be pretty interesting learning how things work there and seeing the differences of the cultures. I'm sure it'll be a challenge at times - beyond the language, but I can't wait.

7 days until the move across the ocean!! Now, back to some packing since the Uhaul is scheduled for Friday...

Saturday, May 2, 2009

How time flies!

Spring time seems to have finally hit Boston. I am probably happier than any other person in this city to see/feel the warm sun on my skin... SERIOUSLY, it feels amazing!

The last few weeks since returning from Spring Break have been busy but also a lot of fun.

My class load actually got lighter because 2 of my classes were only in the first half of the semester. USC did not have this - I really dig it!  So, with that lighter load, one might think that now I have extra time to dedicate to the other classes ...but, I've chose to focus more on enjoying time with my classmates than spending more hours in the office. ;)

Last weekend was the Sloan Spring Gala. Many people joke that it's a MBA prom. Everyone gets all dressed up, and we have a "fancy" night of dinner, drinks and dancing. This years event was in Providence, RI at the Botanical Gardens. It was a blast... also it was great to hang out some place besides our old and true Boston/Cambridge bars and in something besides my jeans and t-shirt.

Internship preparation is progressing well. I did learn that I will be based in Germany instead of in Italy. The reason for this is that my manager is in Germany. The good news is that I'll be having to travel a lot between three sites: Germany, Italy and the UK.  It turns out that I am more than OK with that. :) Drew and I should find out in the next few days exactly where we'll be living. Which is good, since we'll be moving in a month!!  I'm also learning German. It's one class a week through the Cambridge Adult School and it's awesome. I am learning a ton, but realize frequently that there is still a lot I don't know. I'm eager to get to Germany - I think I'll learn a lot more while immersed in it.

Overall, I'm really enjoying the spring. The last 2 weeks of classes will be busy with wrapping up group projects and final assignments, but it won't be as rough as the previous semester. I definitely think it's true when people say the Summer and first Fall at LFM are the worst. It has at least held true for me.

And with that, the sun has just peaked through the clouds and I'm off for a class BBQ at Travis'.