Saturday, March 13, 2010

I guess we really did learn a lot about Leadership

Yesterday was the last day of H1, which means that some of the LGOs (me included) now have 2 solid weeks of no classes due to SIP and Spring Break.

An aside about the 2 weeks off... I don't say all because the 10s were the last LGO class that did not have a SIP (Sloan Innovation Period) requirement. So, this means that most of the 11s are around fulfilling their SIP requirements next week and some 10s are also still around because of engineering classes.

Back to the point of this post...
One of the required classes for the second year LGOs is 15.317, which is the last portion of our 2 year leadership class. It's an H1 class only and for us the class was from 8:30 - 11:30 am on Friday mornings. Kind of painful. But, the class was a really good opportunity to learn from our classmates. It was re-formatted from last year to include a lot more sharing of personal experiences from classmates and discussion about how to handle tough leadership situations. It really got you thinking about some of the tough situations we'll face after graduation.

The best part, though, was the last class (and, no, it wasn't because it was the last class). It was the best, because we (the LGO 2010 class) were in charge of the content for class. We opted to try to mimic reality TV show style and create many video/photo montages of major events over the past 2 years with personal confessions from people discussing their leadership lessons from those experiences. The final product was about 100 minutes of reflection and way better than we could have imagined!

I worked with Jeremy Pitts on the Spring 2009 semester and I specifically put together two videos. For your viewing entertainment, here's a link to the video from the Triathlon: Triathlon Video!
(Note, I am by no means an expert on making videos, so don't judge!)

In any case, the morning was a great way to reflect not only on the serious, but also on all of the great memories that we have as a class. A lot of us were starting to get sentimental realizing that the end of the semester is approaching and soon we'll be going our own ways. It's definitely bitter sweet.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

The New Edition: LGO 2012

Rumor has it that the Class of 2012 has started to find out that they've got in to LGO. Yay! It's hard for me to believe I was in your shoes 2 years ago. Time flies!

My one piece of advice (for now): Do everything you can to come to Admit Weekend in April! I couldn't make it because I was in a wedding, but I definitely wish I had after hearing all of the great stories. Admit Weekend is a great way to bond with people you'll be spending A LOT of time with over the next 2 years. Plus, the 10s and the 11s work hard to show you a great weekend.

Congrats to all!