Monday, February 8, 2010

It's my last semester of school so I guess I'll take some classes.

I won't lie. I have senioritis. FULL BLOWN. The problem is manyfold (is that even a word?): I have a job, I have a lot less classes to take than in previous semesters and I am wanting to enjoy as much time with my classmates as I can before we graduate. This means school work is pretty low on the priority list. Plus, it's been 8 blissful months of no cases, problem sets or participation requirements.

But, despite my complaining, I do still have classes to take. And, despite all the moaning and groaning I've been doing, I think they should be pretty interesting. So, here's a short overview:

15.223 Global Markets: This is probably the class I am most excited about. It is focused on discussing different countries and their global/economic environments in order to help us learn how to be successful doing business in a global world. It's an H1 class, with a follow on H2 class that should be just as interesting. The topics of the first 2 classes included the cause of the US Subprime Crisis as well as discussion about the government's role in Singapore.

15.317 Leadership: This is one of two classes required during our final semester in LGO. It's only LGOs and is the continuation of the class we took during our first semester in the summer of 2008. It's focus is on giving us some final leadership tools to take us into our careers.

15.402 Finance Theory II: Despite the fact that this class will be hard work, I am excited about it. I am taking it with Asquith who comes highly recommended. He's no nonsense (in other words doesn't tolerate people making comments just to pretend they're smart) and he sufficiently scared us on day 1 about the difficulty of the material. But, I have no doubt I'll learn (and be working) a lot.

15.769 Operations Strategy: This is the 2nd required course for your second spring semester in LGO. This semester the course is being co-taught by Don and Charlie Fine. So far, I'll admit, I'm not sure how I feel about this class ... BUT, as dorky as it sounds, there are a few cases on the schedule that sound really interesting. Plus, I feel like there's a lot to learn that could help me with my work after graduation.

15.900 Strategic Management: Most Sloanies & LGOs take this during the first year - but I am just taking it now. I'd heard that many people really enjoyed it and felt it was important to get some strategy with my MBA. The class is all case based and focuses on teaching frameworks to help you evaluate strategic business decisions. Some of the focus so far has been on how companies create and capture value. The professor is new and pretty young, but so far, no real complaints (besides the work). ;)

*phew* And that's that. Here's to a quick (and painless) last semester!